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The first night involved a few tests. The plans were to do a leak-down test on the longblock and then start disassembly.

Removing the flywheel is first on the list. I am very happy to have a 220V air compressor in my garage. Zip-Zip. Done.

This pair of aging humans are the infamous Dennis "Duke of Westfalia" Jolliffe and Jamie "Zundfolge 1432" Rivers.

Preparing for a Leak....

Jamie Rivers performing a leak-down test on my tired 2.0L

Cylinder 4 - 25% Rings
Cylinder 3 - 30% Intake
Cylinder 2 - 80% Rings
Cylinder 1 - 30% Exhaust

Removal of the rocker assembly and pushrods.

Tin removal before heads are seperated from the cylinders


This is what the inside of my heads looked like. Burnt. The valve guides were as black as night, the exhaust studs were mangled. The cylinders were stuck to the heads. Took heat and few blows from a rubber mallet to divorce this couple.

Pistons were caked with what I assume is years of carbon build-up.

Valves and the seats were disgusting.

Heads will be re-furbished with new seats, valves and studs.

Rods were rusty

Oil pump removal. Plan to replace with a Melling Heavy Duty unit.

Crank and cam removal. Crank was cleaned and measured and found to be in good shape and within tolerance.

The cam was severely worn on all 4 lobes. This I hear is quite common on Type4' I will be ordering a brand new one with matching lifters.

The inside of my 162,000 mile engine was completely covered in a film of burnt oil and gunk. It ma take hours to clean this pig up.

Bearings removed and inspected. LOL. Most of my bearings had a very nice brass color to them...severely worn.

cam bearing

This is the rods after hours of polishing with a bench grinder and a dremel to remove 24 years of use. They will be going to the machine shop for a once-over.

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