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by Richard Atwell
(c) Copyright 2004-2006

We're overstocked and must liquidate our inventory! Help me keep a promise to my wife to clean up.

I prefer Paypal. If you have a credit card I will charge you the small merchant fee that Paypal charges me because I'm selling these items below cost. I will also take a USPS money order. Prices are in USD and I'll ship anywhere if you pay the shipping costs from California. Contact me by email:

VW Bus Parts:

Heavy duty battery cable repair kit - $10 (Sold)

Upgrade you aging battery cable. Click on images to enlarge.

If your starter and ground strap are in order and you've installed a hot start relay only the original battery positive cable is holding you back. Your old cable probably has heavy corrosion at the cable ends and the original terminals may even be broken. The replacement cables from the part store are cheap quality and those orange VW cables are usually too short for a bus and only come in the smaller AWG 6 size. What you really need are high quality terminals without paying a fortune for a heavy duty cable.

This kit contains a tin plated copper battery terminal for high electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance. The copper ring terminal is also tin plated and has the correct 8mm opening for the starter bolt. The heat-shrink has a special adhesive lining to keep out air and water.

Basically, you take your original German 25mm2 (4 AWG) cable and strip back the corroded cable to reveal fresh stands, insert one of the solder slugs with some optional flux into the terminal. You heat up the terminal with any small torch and the cable slides in for a perfect battery connection as the melted solder bonds the strands to each other and to the terminal. Repeat with the other solder slug at the ring terminal. You complete the job by heating the adhesive lined heat-shrink to permanently seal the cable from the elements. This cable will outlast you bus and you won't find anything better at the local auto parts store.

Six parts are included (2 terminal, 2 slugs, 2 heat-shink tubes) at cost for $10 + ship (about $1-2 depending on where you live).

All gone. Thanks to everyone who bought one.

KYB Gas-a-just shocks - $80 set (Sold)

Set of 4 KYB shocks for 68-79 bus (KG4521 and KG5530). I paid $34/ea from Bus Depot ($136) 3k miles ago. Much improved handling but not as comfortable as oil filled shocks.

Hydraulic valve adjustment stickers - $7.00 USD each (includes shipping to USA)

NOTE: stocks are very low and I can only offer one sticker per bus owner at this time.

Missing the sticker on your fan shroud that warns that your valves are hydraulic and do not require the normal adjustment? This is a reproduction of the original that I have created with help from Chuck Luce because the original sticker has been NLA for a long time.

This sticker is the 7.5 BTDC timing version for 78 and 79 Fed models!!! If you have a CA 79 Baywindow or Vanagon the timing will be different. I haven't reproduced that variety yet.

This sticker was applied to GE engines 000000-039331. I used to sell a NOS sticker (shown below) which was used from GE 039332-later engines (79 baywindows and Vanagons). You used to be able to order these from the dealer by part number. I have run out.

72-78 Type 2 Workshop manual 2nd Ed. - $25 (Sold)

This is the valuable dealer service manual that is a companion to the green Bentley manual. It contains more Type IV engine exploded diagrams, missing torque values, exhaust, transmission rebuilding chapters, tech supplements, camper wiring diagrams, campmobile repair, BA6 gas heater troubleshooting and more.

All copies are in great shape, no missing pages, no fingerprints or other marking. Just some wear to the covers from being at the dealership all those years.

914 Oil temperature "taco" plate - $25 (Sold)

This is the easiest and best way to mount an oil temperature sender on any Type 4 engine (72 -79 bus) by replacing the stock plate with the plate from the Porsche 914. Also works on 914 obviously. Any VDO temp sender with a M14x1.5 thread fits.

This is a bargain especially since it's not nasty looking and ready to install. Have you seen the prices on eBay?

Ceramic 8A fuses - $2.50 for 10 fuses (Sold)

Made in Germany ceramic fuses. Don't put the cheap plastic ones in your fuse box.

Licence plate braket - $3 (Sold)

For front bumper or bus engine lid from WCM.

VDO oil pressure and temp gauges - $20 each (Sold)

Never installed, new in box 2 1/16" Cockpit gauges from VDO.

Rear wheel bearings - $30 pair (Sold)

Brand new, still sealed, inner rear wheel bearings for 68-91 bus. You can't get better than SKF. 211-501-287.

Engine Lid Seal 72-79 - $10 (Sold)

Brand new seal from WCM. Comes in 4 pieces and need to be glued together. I've tried 3 different seals and none of them fit as well as the original which is NLA. 211-827-711C.

Headrests 73-79 - $20 (Sold)

I rescued these green Westfalia headrests from the junkyard and cleaned them up. They have excellent color and are firm with no rips but the vinyl has aged like most headrests and when pressured by your thumb will form tiny fissures that are hard to see. They are still look good and will help save your neck in an accident.

5400 RPM rev limiting rotor - $15

Genuine Bosch 5400 RPM rotor. This rotor has a 1k ohm resistance built in and can be used in a 72-78 bus that normally uses a 5k rotor if a) you switch to resistor plugs that have a 5k ohm built in resistor or b) you are running CDI. Made in Germany. The CIP1 rotors are made by Brück in Brazil and poorly made by comparison but they are 5kohm rotors. Aircooled Vanagons and 79 buses with CA electronic ignition have the rev limiter built into the ECU.

70-79 Sidemarker housings - $25 pair (Sold)

I bought these from Bus Depot and never installed them. One came with a broken tab that I didn't notice and decided it wasn't worth the shipping to return since the tabs are the first things that break. You might as well mount them with bolts (no drilling required) from the beginning and not risk them falling out. $40 to buy new. 211-945-351A.

NOS 71-79 Brake Master Cylinder - $75 (Sold)

Check out that NOS brown wrapping paper! All plugs in place for guarantee of factory sealed condition. Don't rely on low quality Brazilian brake hardware when German will last you another 25 years and pay for itself. $120 new at Bus Depot. 211-611-021AA.

Better Brake switches - $15 pair (Sold)

TUV and ISO 9002 certified 3 prong brake light switches. Bought from Auto Atlanta, never used and still sealed in packaging. These are made by a German company in Brazil and do not leak like the majority of cheap Brazil switches out there. Fits various Porsche and VW models requiring 3 prong switches such as:

Heavy Duty Shift Coupler - $10 (Sold)

Heavy Duty urethane shift coupler still in original shrink wrap. No rubber to wear out. Currently $17 at 311-798-211.

Misc Parts:

N 018 057 1 Hose - (currently lost in the garage)

This is windshield washer hose bought from the dealer. It's 2mm ID and 5.5mm OD and at first glance looks to be way too small for the washer valve and nozzle but it's the identical size to the hose that comes with a new German windshield washer switch from SWF. I have to assume now that the factory, heated the hose end to expand them and then they shrunk for a tight fit on the nozzles. Ingenious. Made in Germany and there is over 10m of it in perfect condition.

German Bosch Blue Coil 6V - Offers

Bosch Blue Coil, 6V Made in Germany. This coil has been sitting on the shelf in my father-in-laws workshop for 20 years. There is a chip on the tower but it's electrically sound: 1.4 ohm primary, 11.4 kOhm secondary. All it needs are some reproduction coil stickers to pretty it up.

Porsche Parts:

914 Transmission Ground Strap - $20 (Sold)

Genuine Porsche transmission ground strap for 914. Copper braided with tinned ends. Made in Germany. NLA.


Corbin clamp pliers - $12 (Sold)

These are the special pliers that are required to easily remove the ring clamp on the oil filler tube on a Type 4 engine. If you do a lot of junkyarding or engine building these pliers are great. Brand new from Snap-on.

Sears Torque Wrench (250 in. lbs) - $40 (Sold)

I bought this 3/8" drive clicker torque wrench for the engine work I did in March. I've used it ten times and always reset the handle so it stay accurate. You need this to torque the rocker arm shaft nuts, oil strainer bolt on Type IV engine, oil sump cover plate bolts and other delicate items on the engine that would be over torqued by a ft. lbs torque wrench.

Made in USA, sold by Sears, $70 retail.

VW 159 Oil Pressure Switch wrench - $30

Factory tool for R&I of Oil Pressure switch. It has a 27mm opening and I don't know which exact years this tool applies to since most oil pressure switches are 24mm but it's from the splitwindow era (1192cc) including Type 122 industrial engines. Made in Germany by Matra.

VW 177 Centering Sleeve (Type 3) - $10 (Sold)

Factory tool for centering the Type 3 Fan Housing. Made in Germany by Matra.

VW 3052 Crank Turning Adapter (Vanagon)

Factory tool. Made in Germany by Matra.

VW 3088 Pulley seal arbor (Vanagon) - $30 (Sold)

Factory tool for installing the crankshaft oil seal at the pulley side. This tool looks like it's never been used. Made in Germany by FJW.

VW 2003 Flywheel seal arbor (watercooled) - Offers

Factory tool used for installing flywheel seals on 75 and up VW Type 32/33 (Dasher/Quantum) and 17/53 (Rabbit/Scirocco). This tool costs $200 new. Made in Germany by Peiseler.

VW 558 Flywheel Lock adapter (watercooled) - $15 (Sold)

Factory tool used for locking VW Type 17/53 (rabbit/scirocco) flywheel in place This factory tool costs $30 new for the reproduction. Made in Germany by Hekra.

Escutcheon Tool - $20 (Sold)

Escutcheon tool from Snap-on is now obsolete. Not for VW. Will work but I'd recommend you buy one of the $10-15 tools on eBay instead.


Sony DSC-P10 Cybershot Camera - $200 (Sold)

5.0 MP, 32 MB, 3x/4x zoom, lithium-ion 780 mAh battery. Retail price was $450-500 new.

Read the reviews:

This is the camera I used to take the over 2000 photos on this website. It's in perfect working order, clean, no lens/cover problems, no scratches. In other words excellent-mint condition. I just thought it was time to upgrade and indulge my photo hobby.

The battery charges properly and it comes with a 32MB memory stick. All of the accessories (cables, manuals, software) shown in the photo are included except that case I bought separately.

The photo in the bottom left corner is a self-portrait taken by the camera and saved as a low res jpeg to show it's in perfect working order.


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