1976 Volkswagen Pickup

by Richard Atwell
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I've been looking for a late baywindow pickup for several years and as everyone knows, I'm partial to the later models with the Type 4 engine but VW stopped importing these pickups into USA around 1971. I finally found one worth importing from Europe where they continued to be sold until the end of production:

You can imagine how few exist in USA/Canada now (especially considering the original 1971 ban).

Finding a low mileage body in good condition that's unrestored is pretty hard because pickups tend to have lived rough lives especially compared to campers. I was always passing up pickups for one reason or another (trashed interior, trashed body, too rusty below, etc) but I got lucky and found one with original paint, low miles, dropgates in great condition; even the wood slat were still in place in the plank bed. Thanks to the person who contacted me about this vehicle knowing what I was looking for.

My thanks also go out to my friend Chuck who let me stop by for a couple of days on my trip home from the port so I could make sure the pickup was able to get home in one piece. I noticed a hi pressure fuel leak at the port which had the potential of burning down. Always carry a fuel line and fuel clamps to pick up your new bus before you regret it.


Vehicle Info:

VW Doublecab
GD 016 053
(1971cc 4-cyl air-cooled boxer engine
with solid lifters and with
Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection)
original condition
36,023 km on factory engine



Finding a pickup with a good body is hard enough, but this one had the PVC tilt, headlight washers, a factory Type 4 with factory L-Jet fuel injection, 70A alternator and get this, even a factory BA6 (when was the last time you saw a BA6 in a pickup!). That's going to be one toasty crewcab in winter.

62 095 813
A9A977 B32 060 157
08 2 7553 SD 2650 01


62 095 813

chassis number:
6 - model year 1976
2 - extra digit. to distinguish it from 60's VINs
095 813 - chassis serial number

paint and interior:
A9A9  - body color: Delivered in Primer, Light Gray interior
   - roof color: Delivered in Primer
77 - interior: Canyon brown (leatherette)

collection of M-codes
050 - Dual circuit (brakes) and handbrake control light

062 - Compliance with Sweden standards
062 - Convex passenger outer rear-view mirror
062 - Convex inner rear view mirror
062 - Sunvisor without make-up mirror
062 - Engine with simplified exhaust gas pipes and nickeled muffler and pipes
062 - Without activated carbon canister
062 - Swedish 3-way retracting seat belts

085 - Factory filled with double amount of petrol
086 - Self-adjusting drum brakes (rear)
089 - Laminated windshield glass
094 - Lockable engine lid
123 - Suppression equipment for radio reception
161 - Seats in cabin with mountings for headrests
288 - With headlight washer installation
319 - ECE regulations sticker 'R 10'
506 - With brake servo and dual circuit brake warning light (LHD)
511 - Padded instrument panel (LHD only)
616 - Reversing lights (built-in with rear light units)
618 - Generator 70A instead of 55A

Eberspacher BA6 petrol heater (LHD) (fitted under cargo floor)
Fuel Injection Engine
08 2

planned production date:
week 08, day 2 (Tuesday), 1976:
17th of Feb, 1976

factory code used for production planning

destination code:
South Sweden

model code:
2 - VW Type 2 (Transporter)

6 - Pickup
5 - Doublecab, LHD, cabin door right
0 - Standard version (26-16 body)
engine and transmission:
0 - 1971cc air-cooled engine with fuel injection
1 - 4-speed manual transmission


What a cool place! Here's where my pickup used to live the quiet life protecting the local "värmlands" and photo of it at the firestation:

old volks home



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