VW Baywindow Bus - L-Jet Fuel Injectors

by Richard Atwell
(c) Copyright 2004-2020


Bosch L-Jetronic components don't vary much from model to model. Despite the 1600-2000cc difference in engine displacement between models and model years, you can swap fuel injectors into your FI bus from other L-Jet based VW engines...

NOS L-Jet Injectors:

At the time I wrote this article in 2004, NOS injectors were in good supply available at prices half the $60-90 cost of new injectors. The reason? Many Type 1 and Type 2 VW's were happily converted to carbs by their owners or the owner's mechanics lowering the demand and freeing up the supply for others.

Fast forward to 2020 and new Bosch injectors (both Made in Germany and Spain) have been NLA for about a decade. The Bosch Master Price List listed the fuel injectors as "C" meaning "FAIR" shelf popularity all the way back in 2006!

I'm big on stockpiling original parts for the future, especially from Bosch as they abruptly discontinue them. If it's still available and you have the cash, grab it!

NOS injectors on eBay now cost anywhere from $100-200/each or more and the prices continue to increase as the supply dwindles...

Fuel Injector Cleaning:

Luckily, as injectors are rated for 1 billion cycles, the Bosch design has proven to be a very durable and reliable one but they require periodic cleaning to obtain the best performance and drivability for your bus.

If you haven't thought about having your fuel injectors cleaned to restore their factory flow rate and spray pattern, I can speak from my own experience...

Here's my injector cleaning report.

Cleaning is done using ultrasonic cleaners which thanks to China are now low cost items that can be purchased for home use. The flow testing is done with specialized equipment which also has come down in cost to about $500 but how many times are you going to use it? Sometimes parts like o-rings require replacement if the injectors are leaking.

You can see from my report that the flow rates have slightly increased and the balance between injectors has slightly improved, but the main improvement has been in the flow pattern which is seen in the report.

The real world result: a 5mph increase in 2nd and 3rd gears in my 1978 Westfalia.

YMMV but this is apparently the benefit of restoring the spray pattern which improves the atomization of the intake charge even given the fact that the injector is the manifold style and sprays the backside of the intake valve.

Injector inlet filter screens can clog if something gets past the fuel pump inlet screen and fuel filter but most injectors require periodic cleaning (every 60,000 miles or 100,000 km) to restore their full performance especially if they have been sitting for any length of time.

While fuel injector cleaner-in-a-bottle can keep build-up from occurring but there is no substitute for having them cleaned with ultrasonic equipment. Most of us who purchase a used bus never had the opportunity to drive away from the dealership in a 2L FI engine with high compression, strong ignition system and new fuel injectors.

The L-Jet VW is the most reliable and drivable combination that VW made before the air-cooled models were replaced. one of my friends liked to joke that the L-Jetronic FI system was "primordial", it's actually a third gen FI system and identifiable and relatable to the 4th gen systems that modern cars use today

With faster processors and better sensors, engine management systems continue to advance...

I can personally recommend Cruzin Performance for their cleaning services:

L-Jet Part Numbers:

Model Disp. Engine Code Bosch number VW/P Number Injector Flow rate VIN Range
74 412 1.7L EC 0 280 150 114 023-906-031 185cc/min
74-75 914 1.7L, 1.8L EB, EC, AN 0 280 150 112 023-906-031 185cc/min
74 Bus Calif. Automatic 1.8L ED 2 132 408 - 214 2 300 000
75-79 Bus 1.8L, 2.0L ED, GD, GE 0 280 150 114 023-906-031 185cc/min
75-76 Beetle (early) 1.6L AJ 0 280 150 112 022-906-031C 185cc/min
76 912E 2.0L GC 0 280 150 105 923 606 109 00 187cc/min
77-79 Beetle (late) 1.6L AJ 0 280 150 116 023-906-031 185cc/min ending with 080 255 (manual), 012 800 (automatic)
80-83 Vanagon 2.0L CV 0 280 150 114 023-906-031 185cc/min Up to 24-A-230 000

Aftermarket L-Jet Injectors:

Brand Part Number Original Application Condition Source
Sorensen (SMP) 022906031D 75-79 Bus New Bus Depot
Echlin (SMP) 218532 75-79 Bus, 80-83 Vanagon New NAPA
Echlin (SMP) 218515 75-79 Beetle New NAPA
Standard Motor Products (SMP) FJ634 75-79 Bus New FLAPS
??? VWC-022-906-031-CS 75-79 Bus New CIP1.com
Beck Arnley 155-0010 (short hose) L-Jet Aircooled Remanufactured FLAPS
Beck Arnley 155-0016 (long hose) Compatibility needs to be verified!!! Remanufactured FLAPS
??? 380116 80-83 Vanagon Remanufactured Van Cafe
Python 023-906-031 X L-Jet Aircooled Remanufactured Airhead Parts
??? 0280150114 L-Jet Aircooled Remanufactured Wolgang International
GB Remanufacturing 852-13109 L-Jet Aircooled Remanufactured Amazon

If you find another injector in a catalog be sure that the connector fits, the AMP Junior Timer connector on your FI wiring harness.

Note: Echlin is NAPA's "house brand"

D-Jet Part Numbers:

Year Model Disp. FI Bosch number VW/Porsche Number Injector Flow rate
1970-1973 914 1.7L D-Jet 0 280 150 009 022-906-031A 265cc/min
1974-1975 914 1.8L L-Jet 0 280 150 112 022-906-031C 185cc/min
1973-1974 914 2.0L D-Jet 0 280 150 019 039-906-031 406cc/min
1975-1976 914 2.0L D-Jet 0 280 150 038 039-906-031A 380cc/min

Note: buses can't use the D-Jet injectors because their flow rates are too high but I thought I'd list them for identification purposes. Only 2099 L-Jet 912E's were made for USA in 1976. They will work but those injectors are also very very rare!

Hose Styles:

For peace of mind, you should replace this hose with ethanol rated hose despite the very highly quality of the factory hose especially if it externally braided.

late model early model

Spare Parts:

Flow Rates:


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